Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines - The Graphic Artists Guild
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Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines

By The Graphic Artists Guild

  • Release Date: 2018-12-23
  • Genre: Éducation


Trade Customs & Pricing Guidelines for Graphic Artists explores the customary professional practices and sample pricing for various disciplines within the graphic arts industry. The book begins with salaries and trade customs for staff positions as a point of reference for graphic artists seeking employment and for self-employed artists trying to determine what to charge for their services. This is followed by chapters on each of the major design disciplines.

Chapter 1 – Salaries & Trade Customs
Chapter 2 – Graphic Design Prices & Trade Customs
Chapter 3 – Web/Interactive Design Prices & Trade Customs
Chapter 4 – Illustration Prices & Trade Customs
Chapter 5 – Cartooning prices & Trade Customs
Chapter 6 – Animation Prices & Trade Customs
Chapter 7 – Surface Design Prices 7 Trade Customs